Beijing. New Delhi. Kathmandu. “Hang on, I thought the title said FBI, not CIA?” Well, it did. Kathy Stearman was an FBI Legat who lived and worked in all of those capital cities. “Well, I’ve heard of the Ambassador and the Station Chief, but not the Legat?” Well, that’s why you need to listen to this week’s SpyCast!
Kathy Stearman is a retired FBI Special Agent and author of It’s Not About the Gun: Lessons From my Global Career as a Female FBI Agent (I know the title sounds like Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About the Bike, but Kathy is not a sociopath who will rip your heart out after you invest in her story: I promise). Kathy spent a large part of her career working Chinese counter-intelligence – including time in San Francisco and New York City (I hope the FBI has a generous rent allowance!) – and she speaks fluent Mandarin.

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Kathy Stearman | It's Not About the Gun:
Lessons from My Global Career as a Female FBI Agent By The King's English Bookshop

The Reader's Corner with Kathy Stearman on WAVE Country with Dawne Gee

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Write What Won't Leave You Alone: A Conversation with Author Kathy Stearman

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Kathy Stearman on House of Mystery Radio Show

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Jerri Williams, Crime Fiction Author and True Crime Podcaster interviews retired FBI Special Agent and Legal Attaché Kathy Stearman about her FBI career and her time overseas as the Legal Attaché in south-central Asia and China.

Episode 233: Kathy Stearman – FBI in India and China, Women in the FBI, It’s Not About the Gun

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Zoom Event: “Unplugged” with Kathy and Jerri

Jerri’s interview with Kathy has been downloaded over 20,000 times. Their discussion about being a female FBI agent was so popular, Jerri decided to hold a separate Zoom event, which I am calling the “Unplugged” version of the podcast.

Jerri invited other former female FBI agents to chime in on the discussion, along with a couple of former male FBI agents. You’ll get to hear a very candid and transparent discussion about being a woman working in a man’s world. You’ll also get to hear the questions the audience got to ask Kathy, Jerri, and the other agents.

I think you’ll enjoy it!

Listen toThe Brother Bruno Show 12pm to 2pm everywhere on the internet and 102.5fm in San Francisco I will be interviewing Former F.B.I. agent Kathy Stearman. She has a book out "It's not about the Gun" Also I will be play smooth groovy oldies Do yourself a favor try another flavor and record this one if you can.If I do this interview a 10th as well as her book is good it will be awesome !

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Kathy Stearman: It's Not About the Gun: Lessons From my Global Career as a Female FBI Agent with Talk Radio Europe's Selina MacKenzie

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The FBI Overseas: Insight from former FBI Special Agent Kathy Stearman

April 29, 2021  Homeland Security Today
Kathy Stearman, author of It’s Not About the Gun: Lessons from My Global Career as a Female FBI Agent, gives insight to her time in the FBI.

Watch the full interview here.


The Power of People Watching


In this featured interview, “The Power of People Watching,” Kathy recounts how she learned to read body language and facial expressions as a child, and how this aided her later in her twenty-six-year career as a Special Agent with the FBI. 

“In investigations, I would ask suspects questions I already knew the answer to, questions they may not have been remotely aware I knew the answer to.  Then I could identify what they did when they told the truth and what they did when they lied.” – Psychology Today, May/June 2021 Issue

You can see the full feature here.

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